Key Man



       The FullAuto+  All In One Machine by Key Man is an easy-to-use electronic key cutting machine developed for duplicating most types of keys. The FullAuto+ was designed for the automotive key business, but also cuts motorcycle, dimple (Multilock) residential and commercial keys. The user-friendly software guides you step-by-step through all key cutting and decoding operations and is perfect for locksmiths offering both mobile services or working out of a shop.

The built-in database supports cutting by code and offers frequent updates.


The FullAuto+ computerized key machine from Key Man comes with ALL jaws and attachments.  This means there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars after receiving your machine purchasing additional jaws.

Tablet based with network remote software and firmware upgrades

1 Year Warranty

The FullAuto+ All In One Machine comes with cutters, probes and jaw inserts and  can handle the following keys:

  • Single Sided Keys 

  • Double Sided Keys

  • Dimple Keys

  • Tibbe Keys

  • High Security Keys



  • Cutting Machine

  • Key Clamp

  • 3 Flat Milling Pieces

  • 2 Vertical Milling Pieces

  • 1 0.56mm Shim

  • 1 0.86mm Shim

  • 3 Milling Cutters

  • 2 Reading / Guide Sensors with screws

  • 2 Baffles

  • 1 Calibration Block 

  • 1 T Wrench

  • 1 Brush

  • 1 Power Cord

  • Tibbe Adapter

  • 4 Sets of Jaw Inserts


  • Power: 120W

  • Resolution: XY: 0.005mm Z: 0.0015mm

  • Spindle Revolution: 11000+rpm

  • Temperature: 32-104F

  • Humidity: 10-90%